Street Banner Advertising Services in Nairobi Kenya.

Street banner signs and advertising is a method in which business markets themselves to potential leads through banners erected on street poles, or across the road within a city. The street banners can be used to advertise an event, services, or products. They should be printed on both sides for effective advertising. City street banners are made of fabric, mesh, or vinyl. This is because they’re meant for outdoor advertising and should be weather-resistant. 

Why are over-the-street banners or across-the-street banners most popular in the Kenyan market?

  • Is an effective way to attract attention and draw a great mass of potential leads.
  • Easy to adjust street banner designs in case of a business change.
  • Easy installation of over-the-street banners.
  • Street banners are cost-efficient as compared to other methods of marketing.

Street banner advertising and designs in Nairobi Kenya need to be engaging, have a clear message, and have beautiful banners and images that leave the audience glued to them. City street banners and across-the-street banners at Magic Colours come in different sizes e.g. widths: 18”, 24”, and 30”, heights: 30”, 48”, 60”, and 72”. But custom-sized street banner signs are a possibility with us.


Why choose us for street banners advertising services in Nairobi Kenya:

  • Street banners advertising cost is favorable with us. This is because we offer discounts when you order with us from the first phase which is Street banner designing and printing.
  • We advise on potential areas to install across-the-street banners where it is likely to generate high-quality leads.
  • Guaranteed return on investment on street banner advertising service with us. 
  • Quick timelines on street banner installations with us.
  • We offer maintenance and adjustments of the street banners when in need. 

Contact us today for city street banners, across-the-street banners, over-the-street banners, and street banner signs designing, printing, installation, and maintenance in Nairobi Kenya.

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