Street Light and Lamp Pole Ads in Nairobi Kenya.

Street light pole advertising is a method of marketing in which adverts are erected alongside street poles. Usually, they’re placed on high-traffic roads with a lot of people and pedestrians. A lot of businesses choose light pole advertising for various reasons which are; 

  • With lamp post advertising there is increased local visibility. Hence the street pole ads are seen by potential leads who are more likely to turn into customers.
  • Street pole adverts are an easy way to enhance brand awareness. 
  • Lamp pole advertising can be used for targeted marketing. Street pole ads are erected in specific areas of the business choice.
  • Street poles advertising is cost-effective and businesses don’t require a big budget for it.
  • With street light advertising a connection is created within the business and the local community. Hence earning loyalty and trust from potential clients.

Why choose Magic Colours for street pole adverts in Nairobi Kenya?

  • One-stop shop for all street poles advertising in Nairobi Kenya. We design, print, and erect street poles banners in a certain geographical area of your choice. 
  • Discount offers for street light advertising. We offer a certain discount for businesses that place orders with us from the first step of the phase. Which is street poles banner designing and printing.
  • A thorough research is conducted in collaboration with the client and their customers to have an understanding of the unique selling points that can be included during street light pole advertising in Nairobi Kenya.
  • With lamp post advertising the profit margins of a business are increased.
  • The process of lamp pole advertising with us is easy and only requires placing an order then we give a timeline for when the lamp pole banners will be erected on the different locations.

Place an order today for street pole adverts in Nairobi Kenya with us and let’s enhance your brand awareness at the same time increasing sales.

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