Transit advertising in Nairobi Kenya

transit media advertising v1.0

Are you looking for a company to design and print transit advertising for your business in a way that is captivating to your target audience? Look no further as Magic Colours is your ideal partner.


In Kenya, majority of the people use public mean of transport to commute from place to place, thus making transit media advertising a suitable form of reaching your target market. Our transit advertising agency is innovative with digital transit advertising, thanks to our vast experience and expertise in the industry.


We bring your transit advertising ideas to life by mainly using public transport to display advertisements such as ads on buses, taxi, roadshows, trains or any other mode of transportation that consumers use to travel.

These are some of the advantages of transport advertising: cost effective, target oriented, no geographical boundaries, great exposure and flexible. The main form of transit advertising is on bus advertising, this is because numerous people use buses as their mode of transportation. Our company is known for making great content for bus ads or media transit bus advertising. 


We pride ourselves as one of the transit advertising companies in Nairobi, Kenya. Transport advertising is a great alternative to promoting your product or service because of these two main reasons: highly targeted nature of its scope as well as consistent exposure it provides. Request a quotation today.

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