Digital Printing Services in Nairobi, Kenya

Digital Printing Services v1.0

Magic Colours has been providing printing services in Kenya for more than three years. As the demand for printing services in Kenya rises, we have been at the forefront of providing various types of printing to our customers. Some of the best printing services we offer include, digital printing services, branding services, and advertising services.


A lot of printing companies in Kenya are trying to get a share of the large market base, but they fail to retain their clients due to poor services. As a printing professional, our company ensures that we are up to date on new trends in printing technology and services. Our work does speak for itself through testimonials from our clients. Thus, we’re the best digital printing company in Kenya.

Digital printing services at Magic Colours involve professional printing whereby a digital image from a computer is printed to a variety of media. It doesn’t require the usage of any films or plates. The process is handled by machines like inkjet printers, desktop publishers, and other digital printing solutions.


It is a fast and quick process as what is needed is a digital file which is in turn sent on a digital press for printing. We have invested heavily in high-quality digital printing solutions to ensure our clients get top-notch services. A lot of printing companies in Kenya fail to invest in good printing solutions hence providing poor-quality prints to their clients. Digital printing in Kenya is growing every day and a lot of companies need the service.

Digital Printing in Kenya

Below are the reasons why you should choose us as your digital printing company in Kenya.

  •  Affordable digital printing services at Magic Colours.
  • Ability to produce mass or bulk digital print on various materials.
  • Custom-made production of digital prints based on color, and image shape.
  • Is a very quick process, you place an order, and we deliver.

Other services we offer which are under digital printing include large format printing, small format printing, and branded promotional items. Contact us today for digital printing services in Kenya and more.

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