Teardrop banner design and printing in Nairobi Kenya

Teardrop banner flags are commonly used for indoor or outdoor events and trade shows by companies to market themselves to potential leads. Teardrop banners were previously referred to as flying banners.


With the rise of globalization and the internet teardrop banner design and printing services in Nairobi Kenya are popular and companies are adapting them.


Using teardrop banner flags during events is an ideal way of getting noticed and drawing curiosity from potential customers.

Tea drop banner shape is mostly used for advertising flags because of:

  • Due to its shape, the fabric remains tight – This ensures that the teardrop flags endure all weather conditions e.g. strong sun. Flapping flags are also reduced because of the shape.
  • There is improved visibility of the branding as a result of the inverted shape of the teardrop banner.

Seeking for high-visibility advertising? Then consider using teardrop banner flags as your advertising flag. A double-sided teardrop banner design print increases visibility much more than a single-sided one. A tea drop banner has a lot of advantages which include, being visually attractive, long-lasting, and easy to use. 


Teardrop banner printing at Magic Colours in Nairobi Kenya involves single-sided or double-sided banner flags. A dye sublimation print is used to process various teardrop banner design and sizes e.g. 2100 x 800 mm, 4600 x 1200 mm, and much more. The height is inclusive of the pole. A bag and a fiberglass pole are included in the package once an order is ready for delivery to a customer.


This ensures easy assembling of the tea drop banner flags by the customer. The flags come in different sizes on the base. A large cross base is the best fit for a customer who wants to use the tea drop banner daily. Spigot bases would be best for immovable advertising.


Why choose teardrop banner design and printing in Nairobi Kenya at Magic Colours?

  • Our teardrop banner top pole is made with true taper giving it high flexibility and durability.
  • Incorporation of metal collars at the banner poles for increased longevity.
  • Easy to assemble and set up teardrop flags as they come in one package.
  • Easy to adjust the tension of the teardrop banner (Sophisticate ratchet tension system).
  • Heavy-duty knitted fabric is used to make the teardrop banner sleeves reducing wear due to UV exposure.
  • Custom-made teardrop banner flags as requested by the client.

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