Brochure designing and printing services in Nairobi Kenya

Brochure is a marketing document used by companies to advertise their products or services to potential leads. Brochures printing material can be paper which is folded as a template e.g. leaflet or pamphlet commonly known as a bifold.


It can also be a multi-page booklet which is known as trifold brochures. Brochure designing always involves using pictures and customizing the layout and visual elements in eye eye-catching way.

Brochure designing and printing services in Nairobi Kenya at Magic Colours involve first collaborating with our clients to know their brand, audience, and intent of the brochure. By this, we ensure that we offer quality brochure printing to our customers. A lot of brochure printing companies in Nairobi Kenya tend to offer their services without first connecting with their clients to know them better. We at Magic Colours serve our customers to our level best by putting the client first. Then we can deliver custom-made brochures to them.


Below are the reasons why you should choose us for brochure designing and printing services in Nairobi Kenya:

  • Custom digital printing brochure services: With our latest equipment and skills we deliver brochures presented in digital format which can be published online. Hence companies can target potential B2B or B2C leads online. Bulk digital printing of brochure and designs is a possibility achieved by us upon an order on request.
  • Brochure catalog printing services: Custom brochures catalogs & booklets printed by us are geared at ensuring the client relays their products and services in high-quality images on interactive content. Unique selling points are used in the texts hence catching the attention of a potential customer.
  • Print marketing brochures services: Custom-made marketing brochures are achieved by us upon an order. We also offer bulk printing of brochures and flyers made for marketing. All the designing and customization are done by professionals with years of experience in graphic design.
  • Discount upon bulk orders: We offer discounts on bulk orders for our clients.

Contact us today and let’s collaborate in increasing sales through our high-quality brochure printing services.

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