Awning signs for business in Nairobi Kenya.

Canopy signs are usually connected to awnings outside a business and are made from materials such as vinyl, illuminated translucent, and metal. These materials protect the canopy billboard banner from adverse weather conditions and they enhance their visibility to potential customers.


Hence awning signs for business are important as businesses use them for brand awareness. At Magic Colours we design, print and install canopy billboard banner in Nairobi Kenya.


A business needs to choose the best company for designing and installing awning signs. This ensures that the sign for awning are of high quality and can captivate the attention of a customer from the street.

Why choose Magic Colours for canopy signs designing and installation in Nairobi Kenya?

  • Our sign for awning is custom-made in different colours and sizes for branding and visibility.
  • Canopy banner installation and maintenance services.
  • Our awning signs for business are made to last longer as compared to others.
  • Discounts on bulk awning signs orders with us.
  • We identify unique selling points we can incorporate in the canopy signs. Giving a business an advantage over its competitors.
  • More than five years in designing and installation of awning signs.

Seeking for awning signs maker in Nairobi Kenya? Contact us and let us increase your brand awareness through outdoor canopy signs.

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