Stadium Branding in Nairobi Kenya.

Are you looking to subconsciously register your brand to your target audience as they follow the game? At Magic Colours, we assist you through the entire process with the goal of creating lasting impression of your brand through the creation of stadium wraps or vinyl banners with the right name and colors. The materials are durable, heavy-duty either for a permanent or temporary arena signage.


Our company has a team of professional wit vast knowledge and experience. They create high-end graphics to match your project needs ranging from indoor sporting arena signs to large stadium signs for big events. Thus, making the event unforgettable to performers as well as spectators alike.

We understand that stadium branding helps in giving the stadium a fresh look through giving a tired area of the facility a facelift without constructing or major renovation.  This is because a stadium needs to have an impressive impact right from the start. For the football stadium branding, it is great for advertising and marketing through brands and sponsors.


Are you in the market looking for a stadium branding partner? Magic Colours is the best company to work with as we deliver high quality work and within the agreed deadlines. Contact us now!

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