Pylon Signages Service in Nairobi Kenya.

One of the services we offer under the signage solutions is the pylon signage, which is usually a free-standing sign that is either supported by one or two poles. One can display the message to the passersby on one or two sides, resulting in great exposure to your target viewers.


Are you not sure of the message to place on the pole signs? Magic Colours offers the full package of pylon signages from design to installation in-house. Once you contact us for the service, our team will have a talk with you to understand your needs. Then, we start executing your requests in an efficient and effective manner while adhering to the set deadlines.

These are the advantages of the customized pylon signs for business:

  • Target audience can see your advert from a distance.
  • High durability and longevity as it made of high quality materials.
  • Numerous design possibilities.

No doubt, the pylon signages are the ideal way to attract and notify your existing and potential clients about your business. Contact our company today and we will help you achieve your brand awareness goal.

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